Silicone Quilt Fastener 4pcs/Set

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It is really annoying that the unfixed sheets make everything on the bed messy and disordered. And it is not easy to make everything restore to its sequence in a short time. Now with these sturdy, efficient sheet fasteners, you can get everything annoying done.


  • This quilt fastener works well with all types of beddings, Keep the bed neat and requires no heavy housework.
  • It is made of the Silicone, durable, lightweight. Silicone cap feels comfortable and warm in hand.Size:7*5*2cm/2.8*2.0*0.8 inch.
  • How to use: The spike and the cap will lock the four corners securely. It unlocks easily and quickly with the magnetic unlock tool.
  • It is perfect for mattress pads, bed sheets, sheets, flat sheets, tablecloths, slipcovers & other cloth.
  • Cute shape design, bright and wonderful colors design, it is also a good home decoration.

Item Specifications:

  • Material: Silicone and Stainless Steel.
  • Size: About 5.5x4.5x2cm.

Package Included:

- 4x Pin
- 4x Cap
- 1x Unlock Tool
Note: Depending on location delivery can take up to 28 days