Sewing Machine Round Stitch Presser Foot

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Sewing Machine Round Stitch Presser Foot is a spring action foot used for making beautiful flower-like designs with a regular sewing machine.


  • Set your machine on any zig-zag and watch the Daisy Stitch Foot rotate your fabric to create a beautiful circular pattern.
  • This foot has adjustments allowing you to increase or decrease the size of the circle pattern.
  • The Decorative Daisy Stitch Sewing Machine Presser Foot is made to fit any Low Shank Sewing Machine.
  • Premium Sewing Feet are high-quality sewing feet that provide the user with ease of use for tasks they could be extremely tedious if done by hand.
  • Start sewing with the best, Sewing Feet. of instructions. Just pull out the cardboard back, open it up and start reading.
  • Made from durable stainless steel.

Package Content:

- 1x Sewing Machine Round Stitch Presser Foot

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