QD's Bright Fabric Instant Stash Box (50 pcs)

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50 piece lot of colorful 100% twill cotton fabric - this is denser than regular fabric and is excellent for your quilting and other sewing projects!

Please note that this item sells super-fast and you'll receive a variety of bright, colorful patterns but they may differ some from the picture. There will be big patterns, small patterns, cartoons, geometric shapes, floral prints, dots, stripes, and many others.

  • A bright, colorful assortment of patchwork fabric
  • 50 piece assortment, no repeats, approx 7.9" x 9.8" each
  • 100% twill cotton weave is denser than plain fabric
  • Soft & smooth - great for most quilting projects
  • Hand trimmed so there will be slight variations
  • Box not included!
Note: Due to current situation, delivery may take up to 28 days. We appreciate your patience.

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