Organ Needles - 5pcs/Pack

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This needle is suitable for sewing simplex, latex, Lycra, sportswear fabrics and general elastics.


  • This needle has the following countermeasures against the main troubles when sewing knitwear.
  • The thickened eye section of the needle continuously enlarges the penetration area. The medium ballpoint prevents thread breakages of the fabric (needle hole).
  • A specially formed scarf helps to avoid skipped stitches by giving enough clearance to the rotating hook. Loop formation becomes stable (himen universal trade limited) and the loops are caught securely by the hook.
  • A specially swaged blade positively controls the flattering of the needle.

Item Specifications:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • 3pcs of 75/11
  • 2pcs of 90/14

Package Content:

- 5x Organ Needles

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