Multi-Function Quilting Rulers - 13pcs/Pack

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This set of quilting rulers will help in your quilting projects!


  • Multi-functional cutting ruler 45*12.5 cm/17.72*4.92", to put the code format, a special metric, and equivalent transfer curve mapping and 1cm curve grading, various buckle mold, two common tables etc.
  • Multi-use of curve ruler 52*13 cm/20.47*5.12", a full range of special curves and 23 cm grading lattice; special protractor; Curve mapping and equal volume transfer, 1cm curve pushing, various buckle patterns, two common control tables, etc. The scale is built-in and it is never worn.
  • Multi-functional yardstick can put 55*5 cm/21.65*1.97", otherwise in the double metric; special ruler, protractor, built-in scale, never wear; length is 55 cm. The softness of the ruler is very good, the operation can be free to bend, and it is convenient to draw the arc line and curve, which conforms to the characteristics and needs of the pattern drawing. one side is 55cm, 55 centimeters, the other side is 21 inches, 5 centimeters wide.
  • Comma curve ruler 31*11 cm/12.2*4.33", also known as the 6 square foot comma, sleeve cuffs, collar and other bending rulers for digging depth curve drawing with ruler thin, 180 degrees bending, strong toughness, white transparent, clear scale, inner scale, wear resistance. The minimum scale is 0.5 cm, the curve can be used for clothing plate plate, pattern drawing, draping modify drawing and so on, is a special tool for drawing clothing not less, used to draw curves such as short sleeve or sleeve crotch arc, arc, neckline, various buckle mold and so on, but also can be used for measuring the length of the curve
  • Armhole curve ruler 21*13.5 cm/8.27*5.31", commonly known as the button feet deduction, high transparency material moment of color is clear, there are a variety of clothing collections such as: curve Wai, collar, cuff buttonhole pocket line, and other functions. The built-in line never worn, used to draw various buttonhole/pocket bend clothing plate, is one of the tools used to play version of fashion design
  • built-in 45*5 cm B-95 put a scale, the imperial hypotenuse put a yardstick, transparent red line, while the 8 inches, 16 inch each edge, in the foot. One side is a metric centimeter, with a millimeter on the edge. For negative control. A sloping edge is easy to draw, and the lines are hidden in the ruler and are durable. 2 "x 18" (45cm) with exclusive special process lines hidden in the feet, never wear, but also particularly fine lines and clear, accurate, very convenient for designers to carry, is the professional tools required.

Item Specifications:

  • Material: acrylic
  • Style size:
  • Multi-function placing ruler: 55*5 cm/21.65*1.97"
  • Multipurpose curve ruler :52*13 cm/20.47*5.12"
  • Multi-function cutting ruler: 45*12.5 cm/17.72*4.92"
  • Multi-functional garment ruler 48*14 cm/18.9*5.51"
  • Multipurpose proportional triangulation ruler:21*11 cm/8.27*4.33"
  • Comma curve ruler :30*11 cm/11.81*4.33"
  • Button ruler: 21*13.5 cm/8.27*5.31"
  • Large scale ruler:60*5 cm/23.62*1.97"
  • Snake shaped ruler :length 48 cm/18.9" , with 40 cm/15.75" scale
  • Built-in scale ruler: 45*5 cm/17.72*1.97"
  • Multi-functional sleeves ruler: 6 cm/2.36"
  • Multi-function button ruler: 26*12.5 cm/10.24*4.92"
  • Curve ruler: 24*12 cm/9.45*4.72"
  • wheel with wooden handle: 15.5*1.5 cm/6.1*0.59"

Package Content:

- 13x Multi-Function Quilting Rulers

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