Heat Erasable Pen - 10pcs/Pack

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Heat Erasable Marking Pens is very easy to use!! After finishing stencil and embroidery on the fabric, just iron it for a few seconds then the trace of the pen will disappear completely!! No water needed! Iron will do!


  • White pens run out faster than other colors, so stock up.
  • The trace after the white lines need to wait for tens of seconds to be obvious, and there is no need to repeat the outline.
  • White refill is suitable for dark fabric, while colored refill is suitable for light fabric. Please pay attention to the match of pen and fabric color when purchasing.
  • Cover the pen immediately after use to prevent the ink from drying out.
  • The trace disappears at 80℃.

Package Content:

- 10x Heat Erasable Pen

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