Handmade Quilter's Grid Guide For Origami

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The paper wrapping machine can do many kinds of modeling and satisfy all kinds of works.


  • Exclusive innovation storage needle small drawer, with a drawer from the needle out, run out after the back, very practical, easy to carry, the needle is not easy to lose.
  • Add a metal slotted steel needle, many customers in the use of winding discs are reflected when the paper is not fixed, it is easy to slip, with a slotted needle after these problems are solved, and can also be wrapped around some simple The shape of a layer of paper, such as a triangle, a square, an oval, and so on.
  • ABS material, environmentally friendly non-toxic, strong resistance to scratch.
  • Beautiful appearance, exquisite workmanship.

Package Content:

- 1 Set Paper Forming Tool 

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