Tear-Away Embroidery Backing Stabilizer Sheet

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This is great for when your fabric needs some support as you stitch.


  • Equality of thickness, pure color in the surface, no impurities, easy to tear.
  • It takes recycled cotton-like material, being added with refined soakage, and drying shaped.
  • The percentage of formaldehyde meet the strictest export standard of baby clothing.
  • It is mainly applied to Children garments, toys, and high-standard adult clothes. 

Item Specifications:

  • Density: 40GSM (lightweight)

  • Width: 20"
  • Length: 5 yards/set
  • Or Width 10"(25cm) x 10 Yards/set
  • Color: Pure White

Package Content:

- 1x Tear-Away Embroidery Backing Stabilizer Sheet

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