Circleworks Outer Rim Ruler

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Quilt continuous line stars in different sizes and a number of points.

Works on a circle up to 18".


  1. Use the crosshair ruler of your choice to locate the center of the area you want to quilt.
  2. Mark the required number of crosshair reference lines and place a pin at the center.
  3. Place the Outer Rim tool over the pin so you can mark the outer rim of the quilting design.
  4. Align the centerline of the tool with the marked reference line and draw another line across the top straight edge of the tool.
  5. Rotate and mark at each reference line as shown in the included diagram. Use the intersection of the reference line and the outer rim mark to create stars.

Package Content:

- 1x Circleworks Outer Rim Ruler
- 1x Instructions on how to use it
- 2x Pins
- 1x Examples of stars in different sizes and number of points
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