250% Magnifier Glasses

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Had enough of handheld magnifying glasses? Tired of straining to see tiny details? Now you can see things big and clear – without a handheld magnifier. Wear magnifier eyewear alone or over your regular prescription reading glasses to make even the tiniest objects or smallest print wonderfully easy to see.


  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR – This magnifying eyewear provides 250% magnification to make everyday tasks easier. Use these wearable magnifying glasses for reading, crafts, hobbies and more.
  • MAGNIFICATION WITH NO DISTORTION – They fit comfortably right over your prescription eyewear and feature optical-quality lenses for incredible clarity. The premium-quality optical lenses provide big, crystal-clear clarity without any distracting distortion.
  • NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED – We offer an affordable and convenient solution. The sturdy plastic frames provide a comfortable fit, while the premium-quality lenses ensure large, clear magnification. Now you can get magnifying eyeglasses without visiting your optician or spending a lot of extra money.
  • PRODUCT QUALITY – Our product is 100% brand new with good quality, guaranteed by strict inspection and production, and manufactured to the higher industry standards.

Item Specifications:

  • Weight: 0.04KG
  • Color: Black Purple
  • Frame material: PC
  • Lens material: PC

Package Included:

- 1x 250% Magnifier Glasses

Note: Due to current situation, delivery may take up to 28 days. We appreciate your patience.

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