About Us

An affordable marketplace for quilters to buy related tools & fabrics for discounted prices.

If you were like me, when you first started the skill of quilting, you imagined one day sitting in your own quilting room, fabric stashes climb the walls with every color & pattern you can imagine, all coordinated to give a rainbow of beauty.… a cup of coffee by your side and your machine in front of you…ready to create an endless line of gorgeous, hand-crafted quilts... but your dreams were quickly dashed when you realized fabric was actually expensive, and all the helpful presser feet would cost hundreds of dollars. You cringe every time you think about not being able to create the quilting projects your brain deserves!

I remember one day visiting my 'local' crafting store - it was more than 1 hour driving - by the time i got there I was so excited to quickly grab as much fabric and accessories as I could find. Thing is, the prices were so expensive... i had to choose only a couple of items with my budget.. i left disappointed & frustrated. This is not how a fun hobby is meant to be. 

But how could I change things? I had a bit of experience online in my career before retiring (i worked in logistics) but I didn't know how to run an online store!  I'll spare you the details but after months of night classes, youtube videos and endless mistakes, my husband and I were able to put together a list of things I felt we wanted to offer fellow quilters:

  • Easy to use website - clear, easy to find products, simple.
  • Safe & secure payments - so important!
  • Heavily discounted prices
  • Special deals on popular products - quilters 5 main products.
  • Create our own range of presser feet - discounted of course!

9 months later we launched QuiltersDeals.com - the online store for quilters. The store that I needed all those years ago. That was 4 years ago and now we are considered one of the biggest Quilting resources on the internet.

Who are we?

I'm Janet, a quilter originally from Florida. My husband (Tom) is a wife of a quilter (he has no choice but to be my helper!) We started this store to help people EXACTLY like me - people who don't want to travel miles to go to a craft store, people who don't want to be ripped off by expensive pricing, people who want to take their time choosing their items. People like YOU.

Janet (me) and Tom

I have been quilting for 15+ years, I have taught classes, kids, charities and other projects involving community quilting.

Whether quilting is your passion or just a hobby - our prices provide an easy entry into this wonderful craft. With frequent discounts, specials, and competitions - at QuiltersDeals.com we do exactly what I dreamed of that day when I left the craft store. 

What Quilter's recommend...

Our best selling Snap-on Presser Feet sets are renowned in the quilting community. After being frustrated at the cost of individual feet (sometimes $30 for 1 foot!!) I sourced a manufacturer who makes the feet for a fraction of the cost. We provide these sets to you at such an amazing price, I almost feel like they are priced too low - these are high-quality items and available now.

32PCS Sewing Machine Presser Feet Set
 $79.99 You save 51%

If you’d like to take your own sewing skills and craftsmanship to another level of greatness, then this easy-to-use complete set of handy ‘Snap-On’ presser feet will take you there!

Not only will this set save you time, but you’ll get even more stunning sewing results thanks to the variety and high quality of these feet. Plus, when you invest in the whole set, you’ll save a small fortune as well by not having to buy each piece individually!