Retractable Measuring Tape

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A small in size and lightweight measuring tape for your quilting & DIY projects!


  • Flexible soft flat tape measure in a fabric covered case, the measuring range is 60 inches/ 150 cm 
  • Large clear easy-to-read markings on high-contrast background, automatically retractable measure tape by pushing the button on the case.
  • Very flexible and portable: keep it in your purse or pocket to take quick and easy measurements anywhere. Great for sewing, and many other uses. Used widely for home and shop, is an ideal gift for tailors.
  • With this tape, you can measure many parts of your body such as chest, waist, hip, shank, thigh, arm, etc.
  • Help you keeping track of your body measurements and progress if you are on a diet or working out.
  • It can also be used to measure head circumference or stature for children.

Item Specifications:

Material: Plastic&Fabric
Package Content: - 1x Retractable Measuring Tape
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