Thread 3 Spool Holder Stand

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  • EASY THREAD FEEDING – Standalone Thread Spool Holder enables smoother flow of thread off the spool – thus eliminating any possibilities of tangles or thread getting stuck or snagged. If you have been using a sewing machine or serger for sometime now, you must have definitely experienced thread breaking or skipping of stitches – but with this incredible spool holder you can put an end to all such complications.
  • WIDER SPOOL COMPATIBILITY – Our thread stand allows you to hold small to large size spools equally well – be it embroidery, quilting or sewing. This makes the sewing, quilting or embroidery process hassle-free, and allows you to focus more on your creativity rather than basic problems. This also helps up you refill bobbins in a breeze!
  • HOLDS 3 SPOOLS AND STORES A LOT MORE – This unique sewing machine or serger thread holder can hold up to 3 spools of threads and each thread can then be threaded through the corresponding metallic hoop provided vertically above each spool position. The stand also has space for storage of 15 bobbins, pins and a ruler – thus also helps you organise better.
  • DURABLE BUILD, SUPERIOR QUALITY & EASY INSTALLATION – The standalone multi-spool holder is designed to be durable and stable, and is made up of hardened ABS plastic and metallic loops. The wire rack above the gavelock acts as the hung line which is high enough to clear the top of your machine, thus making the feed resistance-free. The components can be easily assembled to erect the holder in just few minutes and can also be disassembled easily for convenient storage.

Size: 21 x 11 x 44cm / 8.27" x 4.33" x 17.32"
Package included: 1 Pcs Sewing Holder(Not include wires)

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