Metal Sewing Single Thread Stand

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Single taper spool support, wide spool compatibility, can be a variety of specifications from small to the large spool.


  • Easy to go online, allowing the spool to flow out of the spool, avoiding any tangles or thread breakage. 
  • Excellent materials ensure high durability and long life.
  • Holds Single Spool.

Item Specifications:

  • Materials: Metal 
  • Holder length: about 37 cm/14.57" 
  • Holder minimum length: about 10.5cm/4.13" 
  • Base diameter: about 12.8cm/5.04" 
  • Base height: about 1.3cm/0.51" 

Package Content:

- 1x Metal Sewing Thread Stand

Note: Depending on location delivery can take up to 28 days