19.7" x 63" (0.5 x 1.75 yards) Pattern Fabric Retro Floral

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Our latest collection due to popular demand - these 100% cotton large cut fabrics are great for your next quilting project!
Simply choose your chosen style and then decide how large your need your fabric to be.
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Size Guide (L x W): 

INCHES:  19.7" x 63"
CM:  50cm x 160cm
YARDS:  0.5 x 1.75 yards

Purchase multiple quantities to increase your cut fabric size!

When you order 2 or more quantity of the same pattern, your fabric cut will be extended as follows:
Quantity of 1: INCHES:  19.7" x 63"  /  CM:  50cm x 160cm  /  YARDS:  0.54 x 1.75 yards
Quantity of 2: INCHES:  39.4" x 63"  /  CM:  100cm x 160cm  /  YARDS:  1.09 x 1.75 yards
Quantity of 3: INCHES:  59.1" x 63"  /  CM:  150cm x 160cm  /  YARDS:  1.64 x 1.75 yards
and so on...

Note: Due to current situation, delivery may take up to 28 days. We appreciate your patience.

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